Hatching Gone Haywire!!!!


12 Years
Apr 18, 2007
Nanna's hatch is killing me!!!!!

She has 2 - 2 day olds in there running a muck off and on the nest.

She has one that is coming out of egg right now. One got squished that was born yesterday / last night and it didn't make it!

She has 4 more eggs ---- how can you have 4 more eggs and one hatching with 2 - 2 day old chicks .......

The timeline here is too long apparently.

CALLING ALL GEESE PEOPLE---------------------- What would you do at this point? Gotta get this situation under control and not lose anymore. I do not have an incubator but have a heat lamp area that is 95 degrees on fleece.

Other two are drinking and nibbling at grass around in pen taking trips out with dad.

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