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Apr 18, 2016
Hello all,

We have had our chickens for a year. Last summer we did not have a rooster, so when our Buff Orpington went broody, we broke her. This year we gave a rooster, so we have let her sit.

Last week we found an egg that was busted, but a chick was in there looked fully grown, but was dead.

We didn't really know what to think or do about since we are new to this. However on Friday, we found another one the same way. We marked them on 5-31, but not sure how long before they were laid before we marked them.

If anyone could help us, it will be appreciated. We have our chickens free range in an acre of land and put them in the coop every night. Emily is sitting in her next in the coop.



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Oct 16, 2010
Are you saying you set all the eggs and marked them May 31st? If so then it doesn't matter when they were laid, only when they are set matters for incubation time. You've only a few more days to go, 21st this Wednesday. May take to 22nd to finish and day later she'll take any chicks with her off the nest to find food.

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