Hatching in incubator

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7 Years
May 16, 2012
Hello all, I have tried to hatch 15 duck eggs that my khaki had been setting on for about a week or so. In that process she was taken down by a snapping turtle! I was so angry, turtle is dead. The eggs did nothing and I'm not sure what I have done wrong. I then thought I would get some chicken eggs to see if I could do that, so far I haven't seen a thing, except for a large dark spot that stays in one place. Thay are from the12th and they are all light brown but shouldn't I see something? It is still air at 99.5 all the time and I have water in it at all times. I also turn 3 times a day. This is my last try :(
Hope that turtle went in the stewpot. Turtle soup is YUMMY!!!

As for your eggs: Is this a styrofoam bator? If so your humidity may be running way high with even just a small amount of water. I know mine is running between 50-60% right now with NO water added, which is a bit high too. It seems the more eggs I add the higher the humidity goes (there are 85 in there right now). If your humidity is too high your babies drown when they pip internally from not enuf water evaporating during incubation.
Yes it is styrofoam. I don't have anything to tell me what the humidity is but it I'm sure its not right. I'm gonna go buy that gadget. Thanks for your help.
I would say run it dry until lockdown & then only add a small amount of water at a time until you start to see the windows fog.

As for your brown eggs, I set some on the 11th & 13th & still can't see more than a dark spot either. My darker eggs that were set on the 9th I could finally see into last night.
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I put my eggs in on the 12 th of may and still no chicks! I increased the water and no fog on windows. How long do I wait?
I tested my eggs yesterday and all 3 were bad. I just had to open and see what was going on. It was all I could do to not cry, they were all fully developed but dead! What did I do wrong?
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