hatching jumbo coturnix - problem with 2 eggs

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    My jumbo coturnix are hatching today starting about 8 hours ago - but, two eggs seem to have a problem - one had pipped on the small end, then it started bleeding out the pip hole...... then, one pipped out the side and then it started oozing something clearish. I moved them both to a paper towel on the side - they were definitely live chicks inside, although the one with the oozing clear stuff looks like maybe it's stopped moving now - the one that was bleeding out the pip, the egg is still moving. Anybody have this happen before? There are 13 live hatched so far.......
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    Feb 21, 2009
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    I dont have any experance , Im guessing maybe the baby pipped and hit a vien I have no idea if that can really happen but I dont know what else the blood would be from, no Idea at all on the other one, are you opening the bator <bad> [​IMG]

    How is it all going now, any new hatched out?
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    I only opened it the once to move the two eggs that were oozing and chicks were walking in it - moved them to a paper towel (don't think they are gonna make it, but we'll see), and just now (after 14 hours of hatching) to move the chicks to the brooder.

    14 so far hatched, and 4 more pipped.........
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