Hatching peeps


11 Years
Jul 22, 2008
Deerfield,Ohio n.e. Ohio
My little black and red speckled hen's eggs are hatching as I type. I already have seen a fuzzy little yellow one and a black one. Looks like there are maybe 6 eggs left to hatch. When do I step in and help with water and chickie grain? Right now mama is lying on eggs and peeps. She's probably keeping them warm enough, I hope. She keeps pecking me everytime I try to move her to see what is happening. Should I just let Nature take its course for the next day or two or do they need water and grain right away? I also have tetracycline for their water. Please someone, answer asap!!!!!!!
Don't open the bator!!! er HEN!

She's keeping them humid!

Hens are the best hatchers... let her be for at least 48 hours BUT, you can put a little chick starter mass and water that can't be spilt (nor that chicks can drown in) in front of the hen.

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