Hatching Predicament!


8 Years
Mar 30, 2011
I have a big new problem. I am scheduled for an important surgery on the very day the first batch of eggs my hen is sitting on are due to hatch! I have read that if a hen hatches her first batch of eggs (when the eggs have been staggered), she will often abandon the nest right after the first ones hatch, leaving the others to cool and not hatch. That would be such a tragedy, as hard as she has worked, brooding over them! Can anyone think of a solution? I have heard you s...hould not disturb eggs the last few days before hatching, as hens keep the temperature and humidity just right... Two eggs are due to hatch on the 30th of April (I know not what hour), and one on May 1 and one on May 2. Of course, some of the eggs may not be viable, but I don't know which ones, if any. I don't want to forfeit the last 2 chicks. Some people say a hen will stay on the eggs until all are hatched, but others say hens usually abandon the eggs after the first batch hatch. What can I do? Could I hire someone to watch the nest while I am having my surgery? Most likely, they won't hatch during that 3 hour time frame, but who knows? If they did hatch, I'm thinking maybe they could be placed in a box with a heat lamp. If you wanted, you could keep these chicks for your time and trouble, or I could pay you for your services, whichever you preferred? I so want to see the offspring of my rooster Baby, and there are only 4 eggs total. If I could reschedule the surgery to a better time, I would, but time is of the essence, and I can't. What a predicament! Any ideas, suggestions, solutions?
I am planning to put the first chicks to hatch on Day 1 and Day 2 in a box in my solarium with a heat lamp, until the other chick is hatched on Day 3, at which time I'll put them back with the mother hen.

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