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I have 16 very fertile goose eggs all with different dates...i have one incubator..my question is i have one egg that went on lockdown but with one incubator and my other eggs in there and still having to be turned daily will my egg that's supposed to be on lockdown still hatch even with me opening to turn the others only the times a day?
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People usually use two incubators when doing staggered hatches to avoid that problem. If you can, buy a cheap Styrofoam incubator to use just for hatching. Good luck!
No money right now and there is still movement of the egg stopped turning yesterday...could it still hatch?

Homade incubator? How to make one?
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if u have a heting pad just put a little blanket down an top of the pad and a damp cloth put the pad on low and put the egg on it rap it up and turn 3 times a day the damp clot take it off every now and then
good luck
Wait until your egg that's due to hatch first has externally pipped before worrying about lockdown.

Then get a small plastic sandwich box that's big enough for 2-3 eggs and put a few small holes in the top. Place a new absorbent kitchen pad in the base and soak. Drain excess water as egg needs to sit on damp cloth not in a film of water. Place the whole box in the incubator to warm up.

You'll then have a small self contained area at the same temperature but with a high humidity than the rest of the incubator. Don't punch too many or too large a hole in the top or the humidity will be lost too quickly. Remember a hatching egg manages with just a small pip area.

That should work as a stop gap until you can acquire a cheap hatching incubator.

Best of luck.

Pete...i have container but no lid could i use cling wrapas lid with holes in it...I'm going on day 29 and still no pip...I'm beginning to worry...this is my first time hatching and i had no intentions of incubating but none of or geese were sitting on the clutch of 15 and they were randomly laying in the yard and leaving them so we brought then in side...as a first toner I'm excited and i know the probability of all hatching and surviving is almost impossible but I'm trying.
You should check to see if the aircell has enlarged and if there are shadows from the gosling pushing into it. You should be close to internal pipping which is detailed in the Incubation and Hatching thread.

Pete another excellent idea you have come up with to have eggs inside another container so have their own lockdown place for those who do not have 2 incubators!!! You are a wonderful teacher of hatching!!!!!

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