Hatching project for High School? Will it work?

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    My friend who is a HS biology teacher is thinking of incorporating chicken hatching (I think it might have something to do with me) as part of the vertebrate unit. What have people done as HS -appropriate level projects? She knows nothing about chickens, but is open to the idea. I am her crazy-chicken friend.

    From browsing/searching I have found an age range of school hatching from kindergarten to high schoolers. So far only genetics or individual science projects that were of the 'high school' curriculum level.

    *ETA: The chicks will be ensured they have homes lined up prior to incubation. For the most part, most of the areas where the students live in are allowed at least 6 pullets. Understandably, not all students would want to or can take chicks home so we plan on having one egg per student. I plan to take any of the 'unwanteds' and grow them out. Roos are banned from most areas and would likely end up as dinner.
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    There are a lot of teachers on this forum that have hatched in the classroom so hopefully some will reply. This will give you a bump so hopefully one of them will see it but I don't consider it against forum rules because I also have a suggestion. Contact your local County Extension Agency for help and advice. They should be in the phone book under county government. They may have experts who can come in and speak to the class, will probably have a source for an incubator and fertile eggs if you don't have a rooster, may have curriculum suggestions, and will certainly be able to supply expertise.

    Your friend should have a plan of what to do with the chicks when they hatch. Not every student could or should take a chick home.

    Good luck. I think this is a great idea.
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    Aside from information on vertebrate development and possible eggtopsies on eggs that don't hatch, the following would/could be appropriate for high school:

    2 bators comparing dry hatch and non-dry hatch results
    2 bators comparing 1 or 2 degrees of difference in temperature to see if it affects how long it takes chicks to hatch
    comparing refrigerated and non refrigerated hatch rates

    Journalling in the styles that support the scientific process
    Growth rates of hatched chicks using Sporting Bird starter for one set an Chick Starter for the other

    Genetics predictions using something like a BLRW (black) with a BLRW (splash) vs. a BLRW (blue)/BLRW (blue)

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    Great ideas!

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