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I tried searching but could not find this out.

How long is it between your first chick hatching and your last? I had one start pipping on day 20 in the late evening, and it was out by yesterday morning. The bulk hatched yesterday and last night. One came out this morning. Now I have no pips. Day 22 begins for us in a couple of hours, so I know there is still time for more to come out. We have had a pretty great hatch, but there are still some more in there.... I will keep the eggs in there until day 24 or so.

I am wondering what other's experiences are. How many of you get flurries of hatchings, then nothing, only to have another group come later? How many get a straggler or two later? Or is your experience that once the bulk hatch, that no more make it?


It's All About Chicken Math
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Apr 29, 2007
My hatch prior to the one I had the last couple days, some hatched on Day 23 and 24, we had a couple cool nights and I refused to turn my heat on so my temps dipped a bit.
I always leave mine in until day 24 or 25 to be sure.


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Jun 1, 2008
Truthfully, I am impatient
. IF they are all set the same day and time, I only wait 12 hours from last hatch until the next pip, if 12 hours pass I candle. I have only had this happen once that 1 was still alive, the others that were with it had passed. To raise the humidity back up I just add real hot water and the steam brings the humidity back up. Just what I do, not saying anyone else should do it



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Sep 14, 2008
Adair Co., KY
My last hatch had the first hatch on day 18, and the last on day 22, all set at the same time. Only one egg was left, and it didn't hatch.

Solsken Farm

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I understand impatience, Krista.
Believe me.

I am almost positive that I am done. I think I need to do better candling as I did not see movement in a couple at day 18 and put them in anyway.

I would never forgive myself if I messed up, so I will just keep them in there for a few days to be on the safe side.

Still curious about other people's experiences.


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Jul 27, 2008
With me, if they havent hatched on the 20/21st, except for one exception they dont hatch at all. Maybe related to what temps I keep the incubator at. I do leave them in until day 24/25 just in case.

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