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    Jun 17, 2010
    Hi this is my 5th time to hatch but first using a turner. I have my thermomiter sitting in top of the turner and git temp stable at 100 but on my digital that is setting on the wire rack and the on I use fir humidity it reads 97.5 and 37% hummidity hiw can I get the hummiduty up I already have both resivirs of the letter p in my hova bator full. I know its because most of the water surfice is covered but I need to try to get it up no later than sat so I can put my eggs in.

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    Feb 24, 2009
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    The turner being in there usually doesn't affect the humidity.......Is that what you're thinking? I had a Hova Bator 1588, and I just followed the instructions regarding the water trays and it worked very well.

    Let me think.......Do you have the little red plugs in?

    Things to do to add humidity are, putting a soaked sponge in the incubator. That often brings it up.
    Just make sure you use a brand new sponge, so no bacteria is in it.

    Good luck and happy hatching!
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    Thanks for the sponge trick. I'm having trouble getting my humidity up too.

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