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    Feb 15, 2016
    So right now I'm on day 20 with 1 very defined external pip, 2 slight external pips, and 1 chick that I know has an internal pip. In addition to all the eggs in the incubator, I have two eggs that I added in 4-5 days later. Once these first chicks hatch out and dry off, will it be ok to open the lid of the incubator to get the chicks out with the other two eggs still in there? I have heard that if you open the lid while the eggs are hatching that it can kill the chicks.
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    Aug 12, 2014
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    I would pull the chicks out once they're dry. If the other eggs are 5 days behind, they wouldn't quite be to "lock down" yet anyway. A lot of people candle on day 18..
    Just do it quickly and close it back up. What type of incubator do you have?
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    As long as you have your humidity up, (shoot for at least 70-75% if you are going to be opening your bator and you have pips,) you shouldn't have any problems. I take my chicks out as they become active to put them in the brooder where they have food and electrolyte enhanced water. I open plenty during hatch with no adverse effects. Just make sure you have humidity up, and you can recover it quickly once you pull them out.

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