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May 22, 2011
Hey I've got a silke brooding and only two of the seven she had have grown. We got her some more but I was wondering if she will sit on the new eggs till they hatch or if she wil just stop when the two origonal hatch. Oh and the two origonals will go to a new home as soon as they can. (that's like as soon as they dry from hatching right?)
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Some broodys have been known to quit setting. So, I don't think anyone can give

you an exact answer on that. Just have a back-up plan incase she does.
& Yes,

it is OK to sell the chicks as soon as they fluff out. Just be sure they go to a good

home, and be absolutely sure that the new owners know they need a heat lamp

and chick food. I know, they should know already, but you never know.

Good luck!

If you take the two hatched chicks away before she brings them off the nest, she MIGHT stay and hatch the rest. She might not. There is no way to be sure. If you wait until she brings them off the nest, do not expect her to go back to the eggs if you take the chicks away.

How long will she stay on the nest before she brings the hatched chicks off? They are living animals. No one can tell you for sure. I'd wait until the night after they hatch and take them away with as little light and commotion as possible. This may or may not work. You can take them as soon as they are dry. It is your choice.

Good luck!
OK cool! There is also a golden sebright (I think) who has all new eggs she has been a mother before though will she sit the extra week even if none of the chicks hatch three weeks from when she started sitting. She was a good mother will that help her sit longer?

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