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    Feb 22, 2016
    Here are my hatching results for my Little Giant incubator and the replaced new incubator (has more accurate settings) .
    All were set in incubator #1 at different days and numbered 1 to 5 in the order of their setting.
    #I eggs and a few # 2 went to the lock down incubator #2 on 4/18/2016 humidity varied 59% to 81% mostly 71%.hatched 1 on day 21 right on target. the next one to hatch was in incubator #1 on the 25th and never went to lock down.

    4/26/2016 1 hatched at noon and one at 5:30
    4/27/2016 1 hatched before noon, one hatched about 7pm and helped 2 hatch before bedtime.
    4/28/2016 1 assisted hatch dead, one going strong
    4/29/2016 1 hatched and has crooked leg.
    The temperature is not what it should be, still registering under what it is set for by at least 5 degrees
    Now on the crazy part, when I transferred the eggs to lock down a few were over looked and were left in the original incubator an have hatched under completely different conditions, all amazing to me. The chick that hatched in the middle of last night has something wrong with its leg so now I will search the first aid forum or get advise from you experienced people. Still have 20 eggs left to hatch so I hope to end up with a few more chicks.
    Low temps seem to be why the chicks are slow to develop. I will raise the humidity on my next hatch or just let the broody hens take over from here .
    My broody silki hatched 4 out of 6 so no she is a foster mom?

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