Hatching Ringneck Pheasants


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Mar 6, 2013
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Hello all

I have been asked to hatch Ringneck Pheasants for someone and will be picking up the eggs Saturday. I have done two seperate chicken incubations/hatches. What do I need to know about hatching these guys? Any and all information is greatly appreciated!!


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Apr 9, 2010
Nothing special to them really. This is a copy and paste from Mcfarlane Pheasant Farm.
Have a good day.

Day 1 - 20 (Incubator) the temperature should be 99.4 F and the humidity should be 83-84 F wet bulb (53% relative humidity).
Day 21 - 25 (Hatcher) the temperature should be 98 F and the humidity should be 83-84 F wet bulb (53% relative humidity). NOTES:
  1. When chicks actively begin to hatch (approximately 23½ -24 days) increase humidity to 91 F wet bulb (75-76% relative humidity).
  2. “actively hatching” is when the majority of the eggs are pipped and a few chicks may have already hatched but are still wet.
  3. Increasing humidity prevents chicks from sticking to the egg shell membrane.
  4. Temperature and the turning of the eggs are the two most important factors in the hatching of pheasant chicks.
  5. Extremes in temperature (high or low) and not turning the eggs for periods of over twenty-four hours will severely reduce hatchability.
  6. Humidity has much less disastrous effects, but can become a factor when extremes occur over long periods of time (e.g. 7 plus days at humidity plus or minus 10%)

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