Hatching shipped eggs...Hatch with me!


11 Years
Jul 29, 2008
Eastern, Kentucky
On monday I recived 12 cuckoo silkie eggs. NONE BROKEN NONE CRACKED, I have two that seem to ALMOST have a broken air cell not moving freely but wobbly a little. I let them rest for 6 hours and put them in the bator. They have been in for 3 days now and I plan to do my 1st candle on the 16th making them 9 days into incubation.

I have only ever incubated shipped eggs once before. It was turkey and duck eggs. The package was in bad shape when I got it. out of 7 turkey eggs and 6 duck eggs I only got 2 turkey chicks. So I was super upset
I hope I get a better hatch with these.

Who is with me? Who else is hatching shipped eggs lets share our progress. How many we toss after candling and how many hatch!

My Hatch day is March The 28th.

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