Hatching when you work alot...questions


7 Years
Jan 5, 2013
I have a full time job and work on call and weekends in addition to that. I just got a Brinsea Octagon 20 ECO (yay!) for my birthday and plan to order some hatching eggs later this month.

I have a questions. I am planning to set the eggs so that hatch day should be on my day off so that kids can be there hopefully for the hatch. (Sunday) I have ordered the autoturn cradle. I spend 80% of my time at the office (vet clinic), and would LIKE To incubate AT the clinic so that I can monitor and obsess ;)

However.. I would like to HATCH at home? Does this seem like a horrible idea? Destined to fail? I was thinking I could incubate here at the clinic and then before lockdown wrap the incubator and transport to my house for lockdown. We have frequent random power outages at home, but clinic has generator back up... so there is that concern as well.


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That may be a good plan since you have home power outages.
How far in time does it take to get from office to home?
You shouldn't have a problem if it's less than an hour and you have the heat on in the car. Hens get off the nest that long almost every day.
If you wrap it, be careful not to limit oxygen.
You don't need to obsess, there's not much to look at. I just set it and forget it.
I live 30 minutes from the clinic. Great. That gives me some relief. I was worried I was going to have to make tough choice!

Thank you!

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