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8 Years
Apr 30, 2011
Liverpool, England
I am new to hatching and am totally addicted although my hatches have been a bit hit and miss as I do not have my own flock and am using only shipped eggs.
My question is - 'How long in the year will I be able to hatch eggs for?' or I suppose more specifically 'How long will hatching eggs be available for?'
I live in the UK so I suppose the weather towards the end of the year isn't ideal for babies but I have room in the house for brooding.
I ask this because I really want a decent sucessful hatch and I am worried I am going to miss the opportunity this year.
Any replied gratefully appreciated.
You could probably get eggs any time of year. Lots of people poop them all the time Especially BYC members. I'm sure you could find some living in the UK. GOOD LUCk!
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I hatch all year round. i was brooding chicks in the middle of our very cold snap this last winter. As long as you have the correct set-up for them then it's not a problem.
i JUST realized that my post says people poop them all the time. I think I was trying to say ship but i must have put a t instead of a p. And it changed it to poop.
Hatching eggs should be available all year round. Mostly in the Spring is the biggest market I think. But there are tons of Hatching Egg auctions on the BSA right now.

~ Aspen

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