hatching with a silkie questions.

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    Jun 28, 2011
    This is our first attempt at hatching eggs and I think we are totally messing it up. We have a broody silkie and someone asked us if we wanted some fertilized eggs. We should have said no because we weren't ready yet. We put them in a big bunny cage and put the silkie in with them. I let her out for a few minutes today and she jumped back in. Should we leave them in the cage or put them in a nesting box in the coop? Or I could put them in the cage with it open in the coop. She has been sitting on them but she only sits on half of them. We just candled them and we could see some of them moving inside the egg. Should we take four out since she is only sitting on four? If so should we take out the ones she is not sitting on or take out the ones that we saw movement in? I would love for her to be able to hatch some eggs since she has been sitting on non fertilized eggs for a year and a half.
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    I am hatching first time with a broody as well so I do not have experience, but if it were me....

    I would leave her where she is. As long as she can move, get in and out to take breaks when she needs it should be fine Also, others will not disturb her so she can have a peaceful hatch.

    If it doesn't seem like she can cover all the eggs, I would remove some and place them in an incubator. My broody is a bantam cochin and small, so I gave her just 5 eggs which seems to be comfortable for her. I would let her continue with the ones you saw movement in, as a broody I have been told will most-likely do a better job at hatching than us with our bators!

    just my opinion and hopefully others with much more broody experience will offer some advice! good luck...I love silkies [​IMG]

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