Hatching with class--Day One

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    May 4, 2008
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    I have my "LA Unified" incubator. It is some generic thing that has no real gauges in it at all. There is a nob to turn the heat up and that is it. I am using a good sense guestimates on humidity based upon the amount of condensation on the lower sides. It is completely see through wich is great, my students can see them and don't have to crowd around one or two windows. I turned it on yesterday to get a level going before I put the eggs in. The school didn't burn down so that was a good sign.
    3/3 at 7:30 AM I put in the first 4 eggs. I am going to add 2 more tomorrow morning. These are my eggs, so I have them labeled with moms' names instead of X and O, and also that way I see whose kids look like what. They will all be mutts since my Rooster is not the same breed as any one else.
    I am only doing this project with three of my classes (Humanities course) but all of my students are excited. I am teaching them today about the parts of the egg and what to expect.
    I will take pictures and post them later today when I have access to those programs.
    Also, I was going to wait to candle until Monday, and then the following Monday. Does that sound reasonable? Oh, and I also get to come into work over the weekend because the automatic turner was "lost" by a previous user here at the school. Luckily I dont' have to open it to turn them, but it does mean I will be visiting all weekend long.

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