Have a few questions about raising Rabbits.

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    My wife and I would like to start raising Rabbits. We currently breed chickens and know absolutely nothing about rabbits. What would be a good number to start out with? How much room will they need? Whats would be a good breed to get that I would be able to sell the baby rabbits fairly easily? I have taken care of a friend rabbits a few years ago but all I did was feed and water them every day. They would need to be outside in hutches. We have quite a few chickens usually about 150 or more during the spring and summer. We sell mainly chicks and we would like to ad rabbits to out farm. Thanks,

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    I think most people recommend 36x30 inch cages for rabbits. I am just getting started out, too, but I am breeding mine for meat. With that in mind, I have a California buck over 2 New Zealand does. You might want to start out with a trio and get more as you get accustomed to them. They are very easy to care for. I can't help you on which breeds are best for selling. I would think New Zealands would sell well since they are the most popular meat breed.
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    Welcome to the world of rabbits! :D

    As stated above, start out with a trio- 1 buck and 2 does. As to what breeds sell better, it really depends on your area. Out here, we have people that want rabbits as both a pet and a food source. If you want to breed meat rabbits, then I suggest Californians or New Zealands. If you want to sell as pets, go for Lionheads, Dutch, or Polish.

    I started out with Mini Rex's, which are wonderful rabbits as well!

    For rabbit cages, you need to allow 0.75 sq. ft of space per pound of adult weight. So, if the rabbit will weigh about 10 pounds as an adult, multiply 0.75 by 10. This gives you 7.5 sq. ft of space, which can be attained by building a cage 3 ftx2.5 ft. (3x2.5=7.5) The height should be 18 inches, or 15 inches for a small breed.

    Hope this helps! Good luck!

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