Have I created spoiled little turkey monsters?

Discussion in 'Turkeys' started by stephienoodle, Aug 13, 2013.

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    Jul 14, 2013
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    I am a first-time turkey owner. I have 4 Narragansett poults that are 2 weeks old today. I picked them up from a farm about 90 minutes away when they were 2 days old.

    I have never had any problem with the poults drinking. However, these poults will not eat plain turkey feed no matter what I do. At first, the only thing they would eat were dried mealworms. I would even mix live mealworms in the dish of feed- they'd ignore the feed and just dig the mealworms out. After a few days of that, I started mixing the feed with yogurt. They will eat that, but every attempt at decreasing the amount of yogurt in the feed just has them ignoring it all together. My husband is getting frustrated that the turkeys are hogging his yogurt. Have I made little turkey monsters that want fancy food, or can I expect them to get less picky soon?
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    You might try feeding them wet feed, that would be easier for them to eat or a crumble, if you are feeding pellets, or another brand. I have never had this problem, myself and yes they do sound a little spoiled! LOL , but just a little !!![​IMG] Good luck !
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    If they are only 2 weeks old i would still be feeding turkey starter crumbs, like said above try moistening it with water an try adding some mashed up boiled egg but only mix enough for half a day as it drys out and the flys love it. I think patian e is sometimes required when rearing turkeys, they arent the brightest buttons an parade, but will get there in the end. Good luck

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