Have my Chickens and going to bring in some Turkeys this year!


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Jan 13, 2016
I have been raising my chickens for about a year now and just put in an order for poults this April.
5 Royal Palm 5 Broadbreasted Bronze and 5 Blue Slate
I am raising them, for now, purely as pets.
My chickens are laying eggs throughout the winter and I am enjoying the hell out of it.
My questions are about raising them together and Blackhead. Is it something VERY common when people put the two together, or something not common but made to sound moreso than it is.
I also have Indian Runner ducks as well.



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Jun 10, 2013
Welcome to the world of turkeys in the spring.

At least for me as I found out turkeys have a lot more personality than chickens.

You stated you were raising them as pets out of the varieties you ordered the only one that will require some special care is the Broad Breasted variety There are the Cornish cross of the turkey world

Broad Breasted are usually butchered at about 5 months of age If they're going to be kept longer they need a special diet as they are prone to leg lung and heart problems due to the rapid growth

As far as black head I run my turkeys and chickens together and have not experienced it I think it is and if you have it you have it if you don't you don't just if it's in your area


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Aug 6, 2012
Feedman is right! Turkeys have such personality. Your going to love them!
Check with your local Extension office, they should know if there is blackhead in your area.

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