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  1. dandrews1971

    dandrews1971 Songster

    While bathing one of my birds I noticed a couple of dark spots on her toes. Any clues what could be wrong. She is otherwise very healthy.[​IMG]
  2. dandrews1971

    dandrews1971 Songster

    its like a discoloration just at the end of her toe & on another one too,
  3. Eggcessive

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    Apr 3, 2011
    southern Ohio
    To me it looks like she has stepped in something that has temporarily colored her toes, but keep a check on it. I have seen areas of necrosis look like that after people have put vet wrap on that has become too tight.
  4. dandrews1971

    dandrews1971 Songster

    I noticed it while bathing her & had taken a toothbrush to her feet, so it doesnt come off. It didnt appear to be sore. I didn find a case of bumblefoot in 2 other birds (grrr). could it be similar?
    Its only on those 2 toes though..

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