Have t tell on myself...


7 Years
May 7, 2012
Wimberley, TX
One of the people at work had to take off sick, meaning I had to change my shift to this evening. Since I was up, I thought I'd complete the run for the chicks - they're getting bigger, and starting to be a little cramped.

Here's the run as it as it stands right now:

I was so pleased with myself...spent a short time, got the left wall done except for a little chicken wire, had hardware cloth from the front of the henhouse moved to the large opening to the right of the new doorway - thereby allowing all 13 hens to start exploring the run, which they were seriously enjoying while I was working, knew I had time to move the door from the front of the henhouse to the new doorway, add that little bit of missing chicken wire to the left side and above the new door..wow! Finally finishing, the girls were enjoying it - all was good. I was so pleased with myself, I called the wife out to watch them dust bathing and scratching, bragged a little about how good I am...and she looked at me after a few minutes and said, "What are you going to with them when you go to work this afternoon?" I explained that since I had taken a lot of trouble to make the entire thing predator-proof (if there's such a thing), that they'd just stay there and probably go into the henhouse as it got dark.

She then asked "No critters will get to them during the night?" Being very smug, I answered, "No! As soon as I do these few finishing touches (mentioned above), it'll be as secure as just the house has been!"

Without hesitation, she responded with......."Without a roof on it?"

Ah, dang it! Enough said! But, thank God she came out....I might not have noticed!

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