Have to let my Silkie Roo go :( -- Question about adding bird to flock


11 Years
Jun 3, 2008
Bolton, CT
Well I've been really enjoying our little boy (now 16 weeks old) but he has to go.

The little guy started crowing three weeks ago and was pretty quiet about it. This weekend he started to get real good and I fear it's only a matter of time that he'll be crowing all day and turning my neighbors against me.

So we are trying to give Bert back to the farm we got him from. My kids are a little heartbroken but I'm telling them we will bring in one or two more pullets instead.

My question is can I bring home a new bird about 5 weeks younger than my others and just add her to the flock (after quarantine)? Would it be better to add two at the same time?

When considering the amount of space per bird in my coop is that mosting considering the roosting space? I have a smaller size coop with three nest boxes and three roosts. I have six birds comfortably in there now...four standards and two bantams. I want to add one or two more standard (orps, rocks or sussex) to the flock when my bantam silkie is gone.

Any thoughts/suggestions????
I had to add two new chicks to my flock that were 6 weeks younger than the ones I already had. I followed the advice on here about putting them in the coop in their own area so the other ones can see them but not peck them. After about three weeks of this, I let them out to play with the older ones. Even though you may want to interfere if the older ones start pecking the younger ones, don't. It will look rough, but as long as the younger ones have a place to go to get away from the older ones they should manage just fine. I also went out ofter a couple nights and placed the younger ones on the roost with the older ones after they had all settled in for the night. A couple nights later and they were all roosting together all by themselves. My older ones still peck the younger ones a little, but I think that is more just to remind them where there place in the pecking order is. I wouldn't try to do it with just one chick. I always prefer to bring in at least two together so they have a friend to be with until the older ones have accepted them. As far as coop size, you want 2-4 square feet per bird of coop space, and at least 1 linear foot per bird of roost space, even thought they will all crowd at one end of the roost, they need room to maneuver until they get settled in. Good luck.
Ok, thank you! I was told that my coop would hold up to 8 standards by the woman who sold it to us. (see my byc page). It is 4 x 4 x 6.
Square footage does not include roosting, nesting or eating space.

Since you live in a cold climate, I don't think I'd put 8 standards in a 4x4 coop. Probably only 4 maximum, and 3 optimally. Even tho you have a couple banties, I think you're pushing your luck.

Sorry about your roo. He is a cutie.
I put my 10 week old silkies in my coop with my year old standards (including a rooster). I was a little worried about it but everything turned out just fine. My coop is large (5'x25') with only 7 standards and the 2 young silkies so the silkies sort of formed their own flock within the flock. I think that you would be pushing it with your coop. Either adding onto it or getting another one would be the best options.

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