Have to rehome my geese and am very sad.


11 Years
Aug 28, 2008
New England.. the cold part.
DH was taking care of the animals over the weekend, and my goose, an older (partially blind?) pom saddleback (in my avatar), tried to kill him. She's been aggressive since we got her last summer, and bites REALLY hard.. not just the nasty goose pinch/twist, but even when she's trying to eat food, like she can't see well enough, and makes up for it with force. anyway, DH is not a fan of the birds to begin with, and he says i have to get rid of the goose... she is very bonded to our little chinese goose, so they would have to go together, they are so lovey.. which leaves me with a chinese gander, who has been terrorized by the Pom since she arrived... so he'll be happier... but I'm still sad. I agree that she needs to go, but I am so sad!
So sorry you'll be needing to get rid of your geese, that must really suck! I hope you can find a good home for them like they must've had with you.

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