Have you ever had one of those days??


8 Years
Feb 13, 2011
Central IL
Seriously..ok I have today..I fold my cards for the night...

1. Left the minute my 7 yr old got home from school; drove an hour away to get inventory (Which they ended up NOT having ) grrr...

2. about 530, my 13 yr old boy, started puking for no reason..and continued to puke til about 840..every 15 min..dry heaves, water etc..
(of course, he ended up 1/2 naked in the car as he was shivering from the wet pants..then all over the floor, my door and anywhere else his mouth went)

3. Then THREE chicks poo'd on me while at the rural king store..all over my shirt..lovely..

4. THEN my girl peed her pants while she was sleeping on the way home...(she is 5..she normally DOES NOT do this..she must have been sleeping hard)

and this is the BEST part:

5. A deer hit the side of my car...therefore I have a nice huge dent in the van...however I praise God we werent hurt...

6. My eldest DD who told me YESTERDAY she HAD a job..told me tonight she "THOUGHT" she had a job..they were supposed to
call tomorrow..

we'll see about that...ugh..

I quit...I dont think I should have woke up today..shoulda skipped today...

but for now..I gotta put my new chicks in the brooder, all kids are in bed, all cleaned and doctored up...
Hubby left for work..(remember its a week he works his 77 hrs so he's unavailable to help me)..

so..I'm done for..the night..TOMORROW MUST BE BETTER
Chin up, momagain! What doesn't kill us makes us stronger!
"Mama said there'll be days like this, there'll be days like this, my mama said... " I think the Shirelles were onto something... At least we know if we can hang on until midnight, the Lord's mercies are new every morning.
This is what I love about BYC. Reading about other peoples problems makes my own life seem not so bad.
Oh, uh sorry for all your troubles.
DOES ANYONE REALIZE I HIT ALL THREE P'S??? PEE, PUKE and POOP all in the same night...

there has GOT TO BE AN AWARD for that lol...
Healings and peaceful vibes your way! Hope your ds is feeling better.And glad the deer did not hurt anyone.My dh has had his semi attacked by deer AND turkey-they literally ran towards his truck.

I had one of these types of days on Tuesday.Took me hours to get all the negativity out of my mind.

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