Have you used a Brinsea Mini Eco Incubator? I want to test mine out before adding eggs

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    I have no chickens currently so I got an incubator:

    Brinsea Mini Eco Incubator that can hatch 10 eggs and I will have delivered 9 eggs froM MPC.

    I have questions:

    It did not come with any samples of the Brinsea Incubation Disinfectant: So what can I use as a substitute
    It says to use Water or 100:1 Brinsea Incubation Disinfectant.

    And then it says to run the incubator for an hour to start. I wanted to pretest it before my eggs come.

    Can you recommend any testing procedures - I guess I can add water and turn it on to see if it works and check the thermometer at regular intervals for a day to see if the temps are consistant. (I know in the actual run, adding the eggs is going to cool the unit down proportionally due to the size of the eggs and the fact that the eggs are not at that temperature to start.)

    The tiny screwdriver to adjust the temp - It is like one used for eyeglasses or larger than that it says 2mm or 1/16th inch.
    Did you have issues adjusting the temp?
    Did you need to adjust the temp?

    When the directions state:

    "Always turn about the pointed end to reduce the chance of damaging the internal structures of the egg." Is that mean a gentle roll along the long axis of the egg being the base of said roll is along the smaller point?

    Last questions: The directions say: When most eggs have hatched (12 - 48 hrs after the first egg hatches) remove the hatchlings to a brooder.
    Don't the hatchlings need to have their beaks dipped before 48 hours?
    Do they get dry an fluffy in that humid environment or when I take them out and put them under a heat lamp?

    Would you candle them again around Day 14 or 16 to see if the eggs are viable? It only says to candle them 1/3 into the process - so around the 7th day.

    I know I am asking a lot of questions but I want to be sure I do this correctly.

    Did you like you Brinsea Mini Eco and would you use it again?
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    Hi Caroline,

    I have a used brinsea advance. It is similar to the mini only hold 7 eggs. I cleaned it with a cap full of dawn soap to one gallon of hot water, let air dry then thoroughly wiped down with clorox wet cloths.

    When placing egg the larger rounded side goes towards the middle. Pointed side goes towards the clear plastic. I had no need to adjust my temp as mind was calibrated properly. Mine is very good on temp and humidity. Bought a cheap humudity temp battery powered gadget at walmart for 9$ and used it for seversl weeks in the brooder to make sure it waa warm enough.

    I did run mine for a day to check everything and had it on for 5 hours before I added the eggs, to make sure everything was stable before incubation started.

    Filled well half for 19 days then both side for lockdown.I did use the srewdriver to partly take apart to clean tho, there was some fluff up there as mine was used. Easy to take apart and put back toether.

    I've only hatched 2 chicks thus far but I left them both in the Bater till they were dry. It took about 24 hours. Then put my chicks in broode on paper towels for a week, then started using large pine shavings (less dust harder to eat).

    Yes I dipped their beaks after I put them in the brooder. But taught them to use a nipple water within a week or so. Which I think is a much cleaner and safer way to give them water. I leave a small ceramic drip cup under it.

    Love this little bator easy and just right for our needs! Happy Hatching!
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