having a rooster

No. Only if you want chicks.

I was going to be roo-less, was making sure I got all girls. Well you know how that goes, Owl our GLW turned out to be a boy, lucky for us the only boy. He just started crowing last week, but only in the morning, 3 times & stops. So far we are lucky, and he is a good boy, does not chase, peck or charge at me or my girls & likes our puppy (even picked some dirt off her back).
No, not really. Not unless you want chicks as the OP said.

Some people will tell you for predator protection but not all roos step up to danger. One of my current roos is very sweet but runs faster than the hens to safety when they are scared by something.
As the others said, it is not necessary for you to have a rooster unless you want to hatch your own birds' eggs. I wanted a rooster for a long time and last year finally got to keep one. I had a trio of Delawares and planned to breed them since Dellies are semi-endangered. My Big Boy was a real sweetie -- would sit in my lap and fall asleep. We had a mutual trust and liking for each other. But last winter he turned all of a sudden. I have no idea why, but one day he just decided I wasn't allowed in the coop and attacked me. It took 3 months of me very strongly asserting my authority as "top rooster" (which involved taking a piece of electric conduit with me -- he didn't like the big hole in the end -- for self defense). Finalle he would stay away from me, but only me. He would continually chase and attack the other members of my family.

So, unless you're very desperate and really want to hatch your own eggs, I'd say don't get a rooster. If you want something to warn against predators, I've heard that guineas are like avian watchdogs. I'm planning (hoping) to get some soon.
you don't need a roo...... but a flock is way more fun to manage with a roo, just more natural.... don't worry about all the "my rooster got mean" stories.... they're like people, some are mean, some are nice, some are brave, etc. etc.... get a roo, if he gets mean, get a different 1... when you get the 1 that fits,,, you and your hens will be happier.....
thanks you all! well i already have 3 roos and 3 hens they were ALL supposed to be hens. one of them Rocky is sweet sometimes and then he will get after you and everybody else to. not enjoyable . but when he gets his spurs would he use them on people? buddy is ok but really after the girls alot. george was going to be the one i kept because we were having to get rid of 2 of them too many for 3 hens. but 2 days ago george got holt of daisy my buff orpington. yanked out bunch feathers and made her hurt her foot. now she has been limping and cant walk all the time or scratch on the ground. stands holding it up. now i dont think i want a rooster at all. they are too ruff with the hens. since we have 3 on 3 i have to keep a watch on them when they free range which is most of the time. keep them seperate in the coop. very tiring keeping watch all the time. so was just concerned if i NEEDED one. if they are just going to constantly be trying to mate i dont want that.
Mine was really after the ladies for a couple of months when he first started maturing and was extremely violent, yanking out feathers as they screamed. I was very concerned and unhappy about my visions of a pastoral flock going up in a puff of X-rated down. But now that they all know what they are doing, he seems much less active and the pullets cooperate. It's not a big deal and the flock is mostly peaceful. He seems to be amorous at the beginning and end of the day. I'm very happy to have him, and the pullets seem to turn to him for security.
well i already have 3 roos and 3 hens they were ALL supposed to be hens. one of them Rocky is sweet sometimes and then he will get after you and everybody else to. not enjoyable . but when he gets his spurs would he use them on people?

There is nothing wrong at all with having a good roo in your flock. But 3 roos and 3 hens is too much for the hens. Even with 1 roo and 3 hens you may (or may not) end up with over mated hens. And yes, if the roo has spurs and feels like he wants to attack people with them he will. Not all roos attack but we had to dispatch one last year who was spurring my husband and no matter how much we worked with him he wouldn't stop his aggression.

If you already have an injured hen it is time to remove at least two of the roos from your flock. Can you set up a bachelor pad for them until you decide what to do?​
yes i have been letting the roosters out by themselves in the mornings because they are so crazy acting well buddy does. he even chases the other 2 roosters. i let them calm down for a hour or so and let the girls stay in the pen. then i let the girls out and if need be i will put the boys back up or stay outside with them and keep watch. i do have the pen divided so if i have to go run errans and stuff i can keep them away from the hens. but at night they all sleep on top of the chick house. i even have a divider there too. girls on one side boys on other. but rocky has started slipping onto the girls side. he does pretty good. he is prob thinking haha to the other 2 roos. i love the roos to hate to have to part with 2 of them but seems i have no choice. i dont even know if i really want to keep even one of them. i am afraid i will end up keeping the wrong one.

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