Having problems with my cockerel.


i dont eat chicken!!!!
9 Years
Nov 2, 2010
Menifee CA
So i have 2 cockerels, a 6 month old (SLW) and an 8 month (BO). The BO is the dominate one and lately he has been attacking women, IE my mother, and one of our borders. He has never attacked my father and me only once cause i was wearing stuff i never wear but he only jumped at me once when i turned around he knew what he did wrong. Is there something i can do to get him to stop. He's not the best rooster but he is learning. He just started to show/call the girls over to where there is food, but he is very protective of them. Also my SLW has started mating with two of the hens and my BO just stands next to him while hes doing it, should i be worried that the SLW will try and become the dominate one?

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