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    May 11, 2011
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    Ok, so we have three turkeys- two toms and a hen. They are BBB and getting bigger all the time. I was going to have them processed at Thanksgiving but chickened out. I do not want to process them myself. We don't have the facilities and I really don't want to kill them myself. I thought when we got them that they were standard bronze not BB. It was not too long after we got them that their BBreastedness became apparent- but it was too late by then. I also thought it would not be too hard here in Texas to find someone to process them for us. Well it has turned into a problem. I placed an ad on Craigslist and have gotten 75 dollars a bird quotes (is that reasonable???) to suggestions that we just keep them as pets and buy a bird at the grocery store for Christmas dinner. These turkeys are not comfortable and getting around is difficult for them. Keeping them much longer would not be right, but I would like them dispatched with as little drama for them as possible. Is there a better way than Craigslist to find a processor??? Thanks!
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    I process turkeys for about five dollars each.
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    That's kind of sad, I often am displeased in my dealings with craigslist too! If you lived closer, I'd say "bring 'em over and we'll figure this out for you"...it's really not too hard to do...not always pleasant, but not hard...

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