havn a few problems

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5 Years
Apr 16, 2014
so i am a first time chicken person,lol ive got 6 chickens in the back yard atm.problems...one of my chicken has been in its nest for about 2 weeks now,you haveto push it out just to go eat somthing and she jumps straight back in there,she sorta growls me when i do this,shes not laying any eggs,all the other chicken are tho.her comb was bright red and now its kinda faded,is she sik?is she just nesting?these chickens are for laying not breeding. second problem..ive had the 4 chickens for 6-7 months and they are a bit older that the other 2 new 1s i just got,given them and not sure how to deal with this,they are constantly fighting and the older 1s pik on them and dont let them eat,so i have blocked the 2 off from the others till i find a solution

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