Hawk Attack and Tee-Totalers

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  1. We had a hawk attack a while back which unfortunately resulted in the death of our hamburgh rooster and one hen. The remaining hamburgh hen has lived in the "isolation chamber" ever since, as she had been injured. She has made a full recovery and is as healthy as ever (except having suffered the loss of eyesight in one eye) but has not laid an egg since. That's a good four months ago. Should I continue to wait? Or count her out?

    Also, we have a pair of brahmas that have not laid a single egg in the four months we've had them. Thoughts? They get the same feed and freedom as the rest of the flock. Should I start weeding out the non-layers completely or just leave them be to see what happens? If I switch the non-layers to meatbuilder from layer, would they be good to eat?
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    Chicken pretty much tastes like chicken, even on layer feed, although they won't taste like store bought chicken, they will taste like dual purpose birds. I would think you will start getting some eggs from them in spring. I wonder if all this caused a molt, then the shorter day length of winter continued to suppress laying. You could try adding light (a 40W bulb or so) to make the day length 14 hours, to see if that would get them started, if you have power available.

    I don't see that you mentioned their age. Of course they will lay less as they age, and may stop entirely -- or may not.
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    Hey moderator....do chickens ever just ignore the rain and get soaking wet. I think some of my girls need therapy. I keep reading on here to keep them dry....my chickens r wako but wet or dry I love em!

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