Hawk attack - little hen has survived...so far

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  1. McGoo

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    She's just a pullet actually. Her head is hanging down and she's got some talon punctures which I've cleaned out with running water. A few on the back of her neck and strangely on her feet. I've got her in a warm spot in the barn...70 degrees. She was out in the cold most of the day... I was away and no one noticed.

    I know that many suggest bacitracyn on the wounds...but I'm concerned about deep infection from the talons, so I want to just keep them clean.

    Any ideas for shock and what might be deep bruising on her neck?

    Your help is sincerely appreciated.

  2. smalldog

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    May 17, 2007
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    Very sorry to hear about your little girl. I am concerned about the depth of the talon punctures. You will definitely have to watch out for infection. I would rinse them with a slightly diluted Betadine solution at this point (not hydrogen peroxide, which can kill new tissue as it tries to grow). The Betadine will assist with some infection prevention but I think she may need internal antibiotics to prevent infection. I am no good with that but hope that you can get info on best antibiotics from other members. Other thing to do is to try to keep her warm and away from the other chickens, who will peck at her b/c she is injured.
  3. SunnyCalifornia

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    Poor little hen!! [​IMG] I sure hope she recovers.

    I've seen others post about using electrolytes for stress, and I think they've said that antibiotics could be purchased at the feed stores. I'm certainly not an expert in this area, but I do a lot of lurking around here! [​IMG]
  4. McGoo

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    thanks folks. I will feed her some antibiotics in her water tomorrow... and for a few more days. I'll also give her electrolytes. I don't have the benedine, but can buy some and dilute it for her wounds. I will probably give the vet a call... she's out tomorrow, but maybe she'll check her email. [​IMG] She gives great advice too.

    thanks all - this sweet little gal is planning to lay little olive eggs... hope she lives. I'm gonna stay optomistic and keep her toasty warm and feed her good food, water and meds.

  5. BirdNut

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    That's great to hear she survived. Like smalldog mentioned, you need to watch for infection and prevent it. Wash with lukewarm water and either dish soap or Betadine, and leave on a generous amount of either Neosporin or Polysporin. Do not use Peroxide, as it destroys necessary bacteria for healling as well as the bad bacteria, and it also tends to sting.

    Best wishes!
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  6. Kelly's Chickens

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    Raw garlic is a great antibiotic and it's much cheaper than anything else you could buy. My chickens love it, unless they need it of course! Just put a clove in a garlic press or chop with a knife and give it about every two hours. You can also put a clove in her drinking water if she won't eat the garlic plain, or mix it in with her food.
  7. McGoo

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    I have been able to coax her into drinking a little water w/electrolytes, and a little oatmeal with yogurt. She seems to show signs of building some strength. Seems that she is listing to one side and her eye on that side is closed most of the time. Wonder if she can see out of it. Time will tell.

    ps. she heard the roo crowing and perked up considerable... even made a few noises.

    thanks for your help.

  8. Judy

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    Betadine and Peroxide both kill new cells. Peroxide would have been good on the deep wounds when you first discovered her, to help boil out the crud inside. Then rinse with saline or warm slightly soapy water. Neosporin would be a good idea on the wounds; to some extent it will seep into wounds.
    After initial cleaning, a lightly soapy water an antibiotic ointment is all that is needed., when they get dirty or drain.

    Good luck.
  9. McGoo

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    My gal was back in the flock, but I just noticed that she has a couple of open sores on her legs again. I'm thinking that some of the others may be pecking at her.

    Question - I cleaned her feet, but should I put on neosproyn or blue coat? I would expect the oinment to attract everything within minutes. What's your take? Thanks.

  10. al6517

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    May 13, 2008
    Quote:I am glad your getting her all healed up, But in order to really help my question would have to be......................... Do you plan to put her and others in the flock back out into the same Hawk attack situation, where you can't be around to watch and keep them secure, in some sort of better set-up ??. Hawk attacks can be easily prevented, lot's of people do it all the time.


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