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15 Years
Apr 4, 2008
Tucson AZ
The Hawk is now coming to the birdbath several times a day.
It appears to like cooling off it's feet in the nice cool water.

There may be a pair of them.

I got one of it taking off


I missed a great photo last week... I came out the back door, not really paying any attention, just in time to see it take off from not 10 inches away from the new chick enclosure!! If I had looked out before opening the door, I would have had a great photo of the Hawk studying the chicks!
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Does look like a Cooper's hawk. Given the opportunity it will take your chicks one by one. I use to pen a mother hen in a small cage on the ground and the chicks could come and go thru the wire. As they got older and braver would stray a little farther and a Cooper's hawk perched in a nearby tree would swoop down for a snack until I realized what was happening. Sharp-shinned hawk's would be also very capable as they are agile enough to hunt squirrels in the forest. Keep your chicks behind wire!
That looks like a male Cooper's hawk. They will definitely try for smaller birds and chicks. Larger breeds of adult chickens are more of a challenge, but are not immune to attacks by this hawk. I think they might attack ducks, too, even Muscovy ducks. But, the ones I see at our lake usually ignore all the ducks and coots and go for rabbits, squirrels, doves, pigeons and phoebes.
The thing that amazes me is the lack of fear in these birds. The Red Tails are even more fearless of humans. At least if you don't make any threatening gestures towards them. They let you get quite close., before they fly off. They are so beautiful, magestic looking. Too bad they like to eat chickens!
The male Cooper's seem to be the boldest. I am always able to get close to the males. But, females and juveniles have whizzed right past me sometimes trying to catch something, too.

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