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  1. Mike_Winters

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    Jan 30, 2007
    is it me are domestic ducks stupid or are they get screwing with a red tail hawk. i have 17 ducks and a flock wild mallards that visit them. the hawks after the mallards so i don't care if the hawk gets them. Everytime the hawk thought the ducks weren't paying attention it would try to get one but they always dove before it could get them. and so the hawk would reposition and the ducks would be playing as if they weren't being attacked by something as big as a they are and would keep doing it. Until i went outside to chase it away, before he could get one. but do all ducks do this and screw with the hawk or are they just stupid, they do seem to know the hawks there and when to dive. mine are all standard size like pekins and buffs, i have no calls stupid hawk [​IMG]
  2. eldiablo

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    well normally animals that live in groups always have someone watching. Ground hogs do it. squirrels, the rooster does it when anything flyes over my flock of hens.

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