8 Years
Apr 21, 2011
My chicks almost got eaten by a HAWKK!!!
I went to go down and check on the chiccks and there was a hawk flying at the run door, trying to get in.
I almost screamed!! It was HUGE! I went to scare it away but it just looked at me like "are you gonna help me or not?" I didnt want to get too close as it could easily hurt me. I kept yelling at the hawk, scared to go any closer
but it only flew over to the fence a few feet away from the coop! I didnt have a clue what to do!
I kept yelling and finally it flew off... All of my 16 chickies were safe and sound though. I was so relieved! Anyway, so I told my dad, and he was talking to someone at his work about it and the guy said that maybe the hawk had its own baby chicks to feed. I feel kinda bad now... Dont get me wrong, I don't want the Hawk to eat my chicks, AT ALL!! but I feel bad, and dont want the hawk and its chicks to starve either.
I dont know what to do... My mom Joked that we should find roadkill squirrels to feed to the hawk....

Just wanted to get that out there....
Don't worry about the hawk. It'll find food elsewhere. Your chicks were just fast food -- Convenient, quick and easy. There are plenty of things for it to take home if it did have a nest. Besides, why should you feel bad for her? She's doing as nature intended and you're doing as a Mother Hen intended.

Great description of it looking at you as if to ask, "You going to help me with this or what?" HAHAH! And great timing, I'm sure your chicks were glad you were there.
It seemed really determined though.... I guess you are right though, I mean, I live near a forest... It will probably fid food elsewhere...
You need to either toughen up or give up birds! Those hawks have been around for hundreds of years and ain't starved to death yet. We fight the same problem here and I have yet to see a skinny hawk, eagle, owl or raven since my opposable thumb won.

Try draping some deer netting or fruit tree netting over your run area if it's narrow enough or drag in a small brush pile for the birds to hide in. I went with 6' fencing and narrowed the run to 10' for the juvinile birds so I could net it. No problem birds have got tangled in it and haven't lost a young bird since. Don'y feel guilty about outsmarting them cause you know they don't!
We do have netting over the run, that was probably what saved the chicks from death. After that incident we went all arouond the coop further predator proofing it... I guess we were lucky not to have lost any yet considering some posts i have read...

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