10 Years
Dec 2, 2012
Had a not so pleasant experience with two hawks this morning. Went outside and watched a small hawk fly off. Ran to the coop and could only find 6 of my 23 chickens. I looked all over the yard and un-mowed grass for an hour and was able to find all of the chickens except one. My Black Australorp. It has been 3 hours and I still can't find any trace of her.

My question is, these two hawks have a nest in the woods right by our property, and now they know there is an excellent food source close by. How do I keep them from getting my chickens? I have been free ranging my chickens here for a year and a half and this is the first time the hawks have attacked my chickens. I'm guessing now that they have had the taste of chicken, they'll most definitely be back.

RIP Lilly... :hit
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I hate hawks.

We had chickens for a year, and none ever really bothered them.
Then we got day old white turkey poults and a hawk came and started ripping them apart.
I had to cover all my runs in bird netting, and I've never had a problem since.
I only let them free range when I am outside.
Some people have recommended hanging cd's from string and other light reflective things to keep them away.
I know the decoy statues are worthless as I had them.
They are also drawn to light color birds (not to say they won't eat a black colored one....)

Sorry for your loss!
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That would explain it then. I recently got two white leghorns and have been free ranging them for about 3 weeks. Although I've had 3 light buff Orpingtons this whole time and have never had a problem. Is it the white leghorns that caught the hawks attention??
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That would be my guess.
I couldn't figure out why all the sudden I had hawks in my yard and a more experienced BYC'er told me it was because they were attracted to white. Which made sense because I never had all white chicks before.
There was a slight gap from where I connected the bird netting and a hawk was able to get in, but could't get back out. It was flapping around, freaking out, and screaching.
I ran and let him out of the pen, but I haven't seen him in my yard again since, I think it scared him. I still see them around, just not in my yard. We live in town so we're only on a 1/3 acre lot in the suburbs.
But I still keep all mine in the runs with the bird netting when I'm not out there.
Don't give up on Lilly yet. She may still be hiding.
I think I have a hawk problem too. In all, I have had 4 chickens disappear this year... A RIR Rooster, 2 of my barred rocks, and yesterday, my newest hen, a production red. The last 2 were within 20-30 feet of the house, one in the driveway... at least that's where I found all the feathers. No tracks around the area.

This morning, while looking for Red, I heard a hawk calling from the trees near my house.

The only two hens I have left are about to go crazy being locked down in the coop.

I guess I'm gonna have to go Rambo on the hawks here. I'm thinking one Super Black Eagle beats one hawk hands down!

Don't give up on Lilly yet.  She may still be hiding. :fl

thank you :hugs Im still hoping for that. She just dissapeared without a trace. All I found was 7-10 black feathers by the barn. But there were feathers of all colors all over the yard from the girls freaking out. :(
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I found her!! I have no idea where she was, but I was in the coop with the other girls when she came racing up the ramp and into the coop. I'm so happy! I think she was in shock and that's why she stayed in her hiding spot for the last 5 hours.

I think we are going to make a covered run, and only let them out to free range when I can sit with them so this doesn't happen again.
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