HE or SHE? A Barred Rock, an Easter Egger, and a Silkie


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Our chicks are four weeks old and I believe I have some roos. This IS my first time with chicks, though, so I am hoping for some expert opinions.

My Easter Egger "pullet"... I don't think so, though

My Barred Rock... a little pink on the comb?



My silkie with a... what is that thing?... at 4 weeks


I think these three are roos, but what do you think?
Hello, I am not very good at this, but I think you do have all roos. The comb on the EE and barred rock are getting pinkish. I don't see wattles though??
The silkie looks like a roo too. I am sure someone else will have a better idea.
I dunno, I kind of think the BR is a pullet. At 4 weeks, if he was a boy, I'd think there'd be more white barring, indicative of a male. I have a 4.5 week old BR with the same kind of coloring and size/color comb and I'm 99% sure she's a girl.

ETA: The barred chick behind the questionable BR in the 4th picture is most definitely a male. FYI
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My 1st round with EEs - all my sexed pullets had red in their combs at 7 weeks and they were all girls anyway

Usually BR cockrels have lighter feathers and his look quite dark, more like a pullet, but that is a start of a comb, so maybe

Silkies can't be accurately sexed until 4-6 MONTHS, so it will be a long time before you know for sure on that one. They should have a dark purpley mahogany colored comb. And they have walnut combs, which look like a walnut!
Really? That barred rock behind the others is the smallest one and shyest, too. I was sure she was a petite little girl!

I need to sell some chicks and didn't want to sell off any as pullets that might be roos. I ordered pullets (BRs, EEs, and BOs) but know that there are no guarantees with that sort of thing.

As for the silkies, I was hoping for a mix and maybe a nice one or two to breed.
I may be wrong as I am definitely not the sexing expert-I've just done A LOT of research when it came to sexing my own BRs. There's a good amount of white on that chick, that's all. I hope I'm wrong and that it is indeed a pullet!
See this pair? They are six weeks old, brother and sister. The chick in question above has pullet coloring, though the comb is getting a little pink. It also has very dark leg fronts. It's possible to get a dark cockerel because someone hatched one from my own flock, very dark, still is at maturity. That is rather rare, though.


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