Head hen is a bully, but only when I'm around


5 Years
May 3, 2014
I recently got a new batch of pullets and introduced them to my current babies, knowing full well my oldest would throw her weight around for a few days to make sure they knew she was the boss. So predictable chaos ensued, much pulling of neck feathers and nipping at backsides, but no real nastiness, no blood spilled or feathers out, just a bit of throwing her weight around - and there is a lot of weight to throw! She is a big spoiled elderly creature who is hopelessly attached to me. However although things seem to be calming down as they stay out of each others way now, unless treats are on offer or at bed times and letting out times when she will really start to get nippy and aggressive with them. I've tried feeding her first, them first, separating her, squirting her with water but she creates merry hell, and if separated waits till she is reintroduces then runs at them in revenge.

I was starting to lose my rag until I went away for a few days, leaving them in the care of parents and neighbours, who remarked how wonderfully the hens were all getting along. No fighting, no nipping. They all behaved perfectly. When I got home the noise and the fighting started again with gusto. My dad said he noticed it straight away and was shocked. My mum says the big hen is putting on a show for my benefit. Acting like a toddler for attention and the more I try to stop her biting or bullying the worse she will get. I've tried ignoring them all day but I need to spend time with them and handle the youngsters so they will integrate properly and obviously they need to be fed and given treats, but if I'm around they are getting bitten and chased so I dont know what to do.

help - frustrated hen mama


Sep 25, 2015
She could be wanting attention.and it could be jealous.You giving the youngsters attention and not her,to her that is a COMPLETE no.

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