Head Twitching and Garbled Squawk


7 Years
Jun 26, 2012
Phoenix, Arizona
One of the chicks that we are tending to for another BYCer started this sudden head twitching and has a garbled squawk. She is only about a week and a couple days old. She eats fermented feed and has regular access to water using a chick waterer. Her crop felt ok and she doesn't seem to be in any pain. She also chirps perfectly fine, too. Searching, I found numerous threads about "head twitching," but nothing sounded like this and the only video I found was nothing like this. We marked her so that we can tell who it is, just in case she naturally gets better.

Do they get hiccups like humans do? That was my first thought, but the second spasm in the video doesn't look right for it.
I don't know?? It did not seem that bizar? Our silkie Karen use to do freaky 1-2-3-4 quadrupole take..
Mostly only when she would shake her head.. I have not seen it in a while.. It is probably nothing..
Is that all the chick does?
Yes, that's pretty much the extent of my concern. My wife says another one is doing it now, too. Maybe it's just allergies or something, too. Either way, I have her changing out the bedding and doing a thorough cleaning of the container, including putting in some DE. If she doesn't get around to it, I'll do it when I get home.

Strangely, we found a different chick suddenly dead about a half-hour after I posted the video. She was just laying there completely flat and not breathing when my daughter pointed it out. No breathing at all and completely limp. She was still warm, so it was very sudden. We were going back and forth, so we didn't see any signs from her.

All in all, it's just strange. Hopefully someone has some other ideas?

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