Headache: I bought a drake instead of a duck.


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Aug 25, 2018
A local Muscovy breeder was selling off her flock because she had to move. I wanted to try adding my first Muscovy duck to my flock of 7 ducks and 11 chickens - but I specified that I could only take on a girl - I couldn't take on another drake (already have 2 drakes!) due to having chickens and limited space . She assured me she had vent sexed the ducklings and I would get a girl.

Well, the girl duckling turned out to be a drake, and he's quite a fine black pied Muscovy drake but very aggressive and generally a pain to manage! I'm afraid if any drake hurts my hen, it will be this one.

We don't kill/butcher our ducks, and it's hard to rehome a drake. What would you do? I have sent messages to her here on backyardchickens, and she responded rather noncommittal about helping to find another home but no real sense of urgency. Any suggestions about good rescues or otherwise in northwest Indiana?

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