Healthy Ameraucana fell off perch at dusk, now cannot move legs, possible dislocation, stroke or par

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Sonic Chicken

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8 Years
Jun 13, 2011
Sacramento, California
The poor dear! She was fine all day long. When I went into the coop last evening to do a head count, she was on the ground and laying on her side. When I picked her up she didn't struggle much but was able to flap her wings a little. I tried curling her legs under her and placing her on a flat surface. When I let go of her, her legs stretched out to one side and she fell over. I placed her in a large rabbit hutch away from the other hens and put water by her head. This morning, she is able to hold her head up and drink. Also, she laid an egg this morning, which I fed back to her. She readily ate it up, including half the shell. When I pinch her toes, she does retract her legs from the pain, so I know she has feeling in her feet.

She is healthy otherwise, 3 years old. Clear eyes, crop is emptying fine, clear vent and normal feces. I can't imagine what happened to her! I'm taking her to the vet tomorrow morning.

All the other hens are fine, she is one of 11.

Any ideas as to what is going on with my hen?
Just received the results of her autopsy from UC Davis vet school. Yes, I had her euthanized, and yes, California flocks get FREE necropsies for their dead members due to the agricultural implications for strains of viruses/bacteria running rampant and causing millions of dollars worth of damage to the industry.

So, she had a developing egg rupture through into her abdomen, which caused a severe internal organ infection and fluid in her lungs. She was a goner, no matter how intense the care.

I am relieved it wasn't anything viral/bacterial or metal poisoning. The rest of my flock is healthy and thriving. In fact, I need to give away three of my hens to reduce the population. Please see the classified section here if you are in Sacramento and wish to give the three hens in my Avatar photo a great home.

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