Heart Broken - doe is dead - What happened?


Apr 10, 2016
somewhere in the Southern USA
I bought a beautiful sweet little junior doe in the first week of February. After I bought her and on the way home the lady told me, "Oh by the way she might be bred." After getting my new girl, Bella, settled in I looked at the sale pictures and saw what I thought might be a very large buck in this pictures. (Bella on the right)
When I asked the lady she said that the white goat in that picture is a buck and he is the only buck she has. Long story short, my junior doe was possibly pregnant with some large kids.

Fast forward to three weeks ago. Bella went into labor. I was there with her to help her get the babies out. I pulled downward when she pushed and I was very careful to stop pulling between contractions. The first kid finally passed through the canal with a very obvious 'POP'. The second kid was a little easier but she still struggled. Bella was a wonderful mother... doted on her sons like a pro. When she got up and walked she looked and acted completely normal. Normal post-deliver discharge. Placenta came out like it should - no odd colors or smells.

Today, with very little warning, she died. Over the last three days she got weak. We gave her nutria drench for goats, electrolytes, checked her for parasites (she had none). We even decided to isolate her from the other mothers yesterday just in case it was something they could catch. What happened? I am very upset right now.

The babies are three weeks old so I'm bottle feeding them with milk from another doe.
This picture was posted online by Bella's original owner about a month ago, one week before Bella's kids were born. When I asked if that was Bella's babies' dad the seller lady said yes. The doe standing near him is a Nigerian Dwarf.
Charley's dad.jpg

Here is Bella when I brought her home.

And here she is again with her kids a week after delivery. Even though her babies aren't very small, she squatted down for them to nurse. She was a great momma.
IMG_1881 - Copy.JPG


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Jul 16, 2015
She could have had ketosis, or milk fever, both can occur after birth. Without an autopsy it's all just guessing though. Sorry, she was pretty.


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The above poster is right. Milk fever and ketosis are the most likely causes. Internal bleeding is another. I am sorry for your loss.

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