Heart set of Light Brahmas. Need Texas source.


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Jun 5, 2011
I have gone from rarely eating eggs to eating eggs as a major source of protein, and have decided at last that I am ready to take on some hens. I have my heart set on Light Brahmas, as I raised these as a kid (4-H) and again about 20 years ago. Nothing else will do. I would prefer older juveniles or even young adults, so hatcheries are not my first choice. I live in the Dalls-Fort Worth area of North Texas, and am quite willing to drive to find some hens. I am undecided about a rooster, simply because I don't want a bunch of chicks to try to place. I refuse to eat my own birds and do not want to worry about what to do with an excess of birds. I see myself with 1/2 dozen or so. I LOVE this breed! So I am looking for a source in North Texas. I do not want a mixed breed, as I may, one day, change my mind about the rooster. I would welcome any ideas. I'm in the process of dog-proofing a run, and setting things up, in anticipation, but if I have to get chicks, the clock is ticking fast. So, please, let me know if anyone has any ideas.
You may try the First Monday Trade Days in Canton Texas. I got my very first rooster from a seller there and I wish the roosters I've had since then were as good as he was. If you've never been you should go. It usually takes place the last weekend of every month.
I ended up buying a dozen or so Light Brahama chicks online with eFowl. They came this week. I didn't want more than a dozen chickens, so I paid the premium for a small order, and a premium for having them sexed (didn't want to chance having too many roosters, then deal with the problem of what to do with the surplus), and added a few turkeys as well. Other sites would not mix chickens and turkeys. I had to pick the order up at the post office, as our carriers will not deliver live birds. I suspect it has something to do with our 100+ temperatures. Consequently, it was a challenge to get them and still get to work. I have them set up in my garage for now. I lost one of the turkeys and they had to short me one, as their hatches were short, so I ended up with only 2 turkeys, a dozen pullets and 2 cockerels. I am looking forward to having my little flock again. I am pleased with eFowl.

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