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11 Years
Mar 4, 2008
Tampa, FL
I just got 6 pullets from a local feed store. They had been there for a few weeks, so I got some free. They are in the house for now and it is probably around 70-75.

Are they ok overnight without a heat lamp on? I'd think that they would be a little less sensitive to temp because they are 2 weeks old.

Any help would be great.

4 Black Australorps

2 Buff Orpington


At 2 weeks of age the ambient temperature around them should be approx. 85 degrees for their benefit. A 50 or 60 watt bulb should suffice.
You would be better served if you remove the newspaper from the brooder and used paper towels or pine shavings. The newspaper can cause spradle legged chicks.
Good Luck with your new peeps.
Thanks, I'll add the shavings tomorrow. The feed store said not to use it.

They won't be bothered by having the light on all night?
No they need the light 24/7 to keep the chill off them and keep warm....best put paper towels down til you get wood shavings NOT cedar ones...spaddle leg doesn't take long to happen...it's the slippery newspaper and them not getting their footing that causes spaddle legs...
You will like the shavings far more than the newspaper. They are much more sanitary and easier to clean up.
No, they won't be bothered by the light at all. As a matter of fact, the feed store should have had a light on them when you got them. I can't imagine them not having one.
Is it just me, or do those guys look more like 1 wks old rather than 2 weeks old? They just don't have the leggy look or the amoutn of wing feathers that I see in pics of my 2 wk old buff orps...

At any rate, Yogiman is right - they do still need some extra warmth.
They may be 1.5 weeks. Girl was nice, but I don't think she knew a lot about the chickens.

Took newspaper out and paper towels in.

Thanks for the help so far.

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