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    Mar 25, 2011
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    I was wondering how long the chicks have to be under the heat lamp for. They are a little under one week old and I have a few people who would like to adopt some. I purchased my heat lamp from Tractor Supply and did not see a temo setting to start lowering the temp in the brooder.

    Any suggestions?

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    Let the chicks tell you. If they move into the light circle they want the heat. If they are all piling up and chirping loudly, they are cold. If they move to the far end of the brooder, they are too hot. Most folks don't use a thermometer at all. Just takes the cues from the chicks. At week 3, many people use a lower wattage bulb to cut the heat back.

    As for adopting out, it may be too soon, as it depends on whether those taking the chicks are prepared to also brood them properly, feed them, water them, etc. They'll need some heat and extra care until they are six weeks old.
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    About 5-6 weeks. They should be 90-95F this first week then lower the temp by raising the heat lamp. You should decrease the temp 5 degrees per week.
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    I stop at three weeks and just put a regular bulb in there so they can see. Then at 4 weeks put em outside. Long as it isnt freezing and they have their own lil coop you would not wanna put them in with big chickens.

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