heat lamp question


9 Years
Apr 28, 2010
Grand Junction
ok.. so when I separate these guys for the rest for special needs raising? they will be in our garage which can be heated. Will I need a heat lamp on them? No feathers on these guys yet.. still fuzzy....? but to hold them? they are way warmer than the egg layers... and there are three of them....? Im thinkin turn the heat on a bit in the garage and...they will keep each other warm enough?
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If they don't have feathers they will need the heat lamp. They need to be at around 95° the first week- and I doubt you want to crank your heat up that high. I weaned my chicks off the lamp just in the past few days, they'll be 5 weeks old tomorrow. If you don't want to go the heat lamp route you could buy a Brisnea Ecoglow. Its a little warming plate the chicks go under just like a hen, no bulbs- no fuss. It'll be my next investment- I don't like my lamp either, but sometimes ya gotta do whatcha gotta do. Good luck!

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