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    I have 16 three and four week old chicks that I am moving to their little "grower" coop. They have had a heat lamp available, but it won't reach as far as the new coop. It is closed on all four sides with a large window on the south side and we are in South Central Texas where weather is dipping into the upper 40's at night on rare occasion. It has gotten as cool as 65 in their brooder. My question is are there enough chicks for them to make enough heat to support themselves without added heat in this type of situation? The are about half feather out and growing great
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    It's important to ween birds from heat. At 4-5 weeks they should be plenty feathered to be outside and lows of 40F are comfortable for birds. But erring on side of caution even with those temps you should take the heat lamp away from them inside to allow them days of acclimation to lower temps before putting outside.

    I put chicks out at 3.5-4 weeks in spring with lows hitting 30F and as spring drags on they go out at 3 weeks of age but I do stage down the heat as they grow to lows of 60F at night and highs of 65F last 3 to 4 days as that's how I heat the house when not burning wood.
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