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    I have ten chicks ranging from 4-6 weeks all together - They have been outside during the day for a week now, but still inside at night. I have provided them with 250 heat inside their outside house shelter (door open) in case they need it (for instance, it's in the mid 30s today - They are mostly outside in their run, acutally - not under it)

    I'd like to start leaving them outside at night (with heat still, obviously) but worried that inside their wooden box with the door shut, it'll actually get too hot for them. If it's in the 30s at night, do you think the 250 is too much for mostly feathered chicks? Thier shelter isn't insulated, but seems to trap in the heat good when the door is shut... I also have a 125 available, but it's not red... Still too hot, do you think?

    Of course, I don't have a thermometer and TSC was out of them today when I went...

    What do you think?
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